3 Ways You Can Make a Global Impact

Sep 27, 2017 | Global Development

When someone talks about making a global impact, nine times out of ten people assume this is in reference to some kind of international mission trip or a certain philanthropy who funds projects in third-world countries. And while these are both forms of making a global impact, they are not the only forms. In fact, making a global impact looks different to everyone because everyone has different values, belief systems, and resources. Here are 3 different ways you can get involved to make a global impact depending on what is important to you.

You can make a global impact by donating money to philanthropic organizations

Funding certain organizations so that they can help communities and change the world in the best way they can is certainly a way to make impact global development. Willingly devoting your resources to a cause or a community who needs it more than you do is the very way change is made.

Before you choose a certain organization to support and donate your money to, do extensive research. Be confident in the difference your money is making by knowing exactly how it is being used. Double check to make sure the organization has a trackable record, and get in touch with a local representative so you have someone to contact should you have questions or concerns. More than anything, choose an organization that aligns with your value system, so you are making a difference in a cause that you truly believe in.

You can make a global impact by giving your time to certain missions

Another way to make your mark on the world is to get involved with certain missions. Joining a group to help build wells in communities that don’t have access to clean water, serving in a soup kitchen, or participating in a medical mission trip are all direct ways to get involved and do what you can to change the circumstances of someone else’s reality.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to participating in specific missions like these is that you don’t have to purchase a plane ticket to another country to make a difference. While international mission trips definitely make a global impact, don’t forget to look in your own backyard. Sometimes the biggest impact you can make is in your community or neighborhood.

You can make a global impact by equipping leaders to make a difference around the world

Lastly, you can make a global impact by going into other towns, cities, and neighborhoods to equip, encourage and empower leaders to lead their community more effectively and give them the resources to help them overcome their hardships. In doing so, you create a kind of sustainable impact that can be duplicated, so that good things are still happening even once you leave.

If you choose to make a global impact in this way, be sure to equip the right people with the right resources. Everything in a community rises and falls on leadership, so it’s so important to focus your energy on the people who are respected in the community and share your belief system.

One of these three ways is no better than the other two. Just choose the right one that works for you, your lifestyle, and your value system. And remember that building success into your own life will give you more provision to fund your vision of making a difference for others!


  1. Vanda E.Fromvald

    God had been pleasantly surprised me in 2014 by earning on offer to join the Felber organization.
    Since then I have been inspired,encouraged,and deeply touched by their willingness to reach out and enrich peoples life every single day.Thank you.

  2. Darlene Strong

    We feel so blessed to part of a system that provides the opportunity to have that global impact of empowering others around the world to make a difference in generations of lives! Love you all!

  3. Ann Parker

    It’s great to be involved with an organization that is reaching so many people in need around the world!

  4. Kyla

    Cannot wait to make not only a difference in the Bay Area but one day all around the world thanks to the servant-leadership of this organization!

  5. Cammie

    Thank you David and Jaime! You are incredible leaders and cannot wait to make my own global impact and pay everything you taught me forward!

  6. Adrienne Stokley

    Great words of wisdom. So often our passion to make a difference overrides our good sense, and we don’t check things out thoroughly; I love the “checklist” of things to consider when giving our time and our resources. Thanks guys!

  7. Susan Ko

    “And remember that building success into your own life will give you more provision to fund your vision of making a difference for others!”
    –Quoted, thanks David and Jaimee.

  8. Linda Tennies

    This hits home. Thank you!

  9. Barbie Miller

    Three E’s…. Equip, Encourage and Empower!
    Thank you for continually living by example!

  10. Christian Larson

    Awesome message from a couple who makes a global impact in all three categories!! Thank You David and Jaimee!


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