Business Development

The Felber family has over four decades of experience building their business around the world. For well over a decade of this time, David and Jaimee have been leading the charge. They lovingly help people overcome their challenges, be their best, and accomplish their goals in life and in business!

They are so grateful to the people who have supported, encouraged, and helped them along the way with their own business development and those that continue to help them today. They’re indescribably thankful for the friends they’ve made and the incredible advice they have received over the years.

They believe in helping people be healthy and wise, both personally and professionally. They have found that the biggest battles people face in life are the battles in their own mind. A person’s thoughts lead to their actions or inactions, which lead to their results. If someone isn’t getting the results they want in life, this is where personal development comes in.


An overwhelmingly large part of their own business development had to do with David and Jaimee putting personal development into practice. From their experience, being open to improving your attitude and mindset, and becoming the best version of yourself is the first step in creating a successful life. Thankfully, the Felbers have access to incredible resources that can help anyone, regardless of background or education, become their personal best!

David and Jaimee Felber love having the opportunity to give others the gifts that were given to them. They know that personal development and business development can be completely life-changing and make a huge, positive impact in all areas of life!

Though they’ve attained a remarkable level of success for themselves, they still feel driven to continue to advance in business and in life. Because the Felbers believe it is so important to never stop learning, they know that their business and personal development will never stop; it will only get better!