You Can Be Santa Claus All Year Long

Dec 24, 2017 | Personal Development

The spirit of giving is in full effect during the holiday season. Food drives, soup kitchens, and gift donations are held by all kinds of organizations during this time of year. Not to mention, the Christmas season calls for hours on end searching for the perfect gift to give to the people you love the most. And of course, the big guy in the red suit has become one of the most symbolic figures of the gift-giving mentality.

However, the holiday season is meant to be so much more than that. It’s supposed to remind us of how we should act throughout the year. Because while the holiday season is a great time to serve others and give back to your community, you can and should embrace this spirit of giving even when the holidays are over. Make an effort to become Santa Claus in your own life by giving others these 3 gifts all year long.

Give others the gift of opportunity

The gift of opportunity may be one of the most precious gifts you can give to anyone. Take a look around at your life and recognize the blessings you have and the ones you witness on a daily basis. These blessings can be turned into resources for others, so that they have a chance at creating opportunity for themselves as well. Most times, when someone takes a chance on you when you need it most, that’s all you really need to propel yourself into the life you’ve always wanted. So make an extra effort all year long to sow into others and give the gift of opportunity whenever you can.

Give others the gift of hope

Likewise, becoming a source of hope to others is one of the most influential things you can do. Make an effort to spend your days being a beacon of hope to others when they need it most. If people know they have someone who believes in them and their dreams, they are much more likely to find the courage and follow them. Let your actions serve as a source of hope for others all year long because a gift of hope and encouragement is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving.

Give others the gift of encouraging words  

Often times, you don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and maybe just a few words can turn their entire day around. Decide to spread joy to others all year long––even long after you take the Christmas tree down––by sharing your wisdom and good wishes with others. You never know the impact a few positive words can have on someone else’s life.

So you really can be Santa Claus all year long. Be a gift giver every single day of the year by giving others the gifts they need to chase after their dreams.

So from us to you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless


  1. Ann Parker

    I really enjoy reading this over and over, it is so true, the gift of giving should and can be all year long!

  2. Sondra Mosurinjohn

    I agree with Ann! There’s so much wisdom
    In your words and this is a wonderful reminder. Early in my life I was the recipient of
    some of these and I have never forgotten how another’s belief in me helped me to become who I am today.

  3. Doug Storey

    It is now mid February so this is the time to keep in mind this great message. Thank you!

  4. Kurt

    Great message that should be revisited in 2018 and beyond.

  5. Fay Nakaguchi

    I believe in giving year-round. Of course, we support charities and our church; but, If you are low on cash, you can always encourage someone with a smile! Sometimes recognition with a thank-you does wonders. I love to give little gifts for thank-you’s, too, as you work together on a project. Everyone is a wonder made by God!


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