Dream it – Believe it – Achieve it

Jul 15, 2019 | Lifestyle Development

Past: The Backstory

In 1989, I was a ten-year-old kid, watching the latest action film: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In that movie, Indiana Jones set out on an adventure to find his father who was on the hunt for the Holy Grail. During one of the desert scenes, Indiana encountered a canyon, with a city carved into the cliff face. 

That place caught my eye and my imagination and I told my dad I wanted to see it in person. Keep in mind, this was the late 80’s, when there were no smartphones, no google searches – in fact, there was no internet at all. So we went to the only place that held all the answers; the library. We found a book that had a picture of the location from the film, and learned that it was called Petra, an ancient city in Southern Jordan. I copied the picture, hung it on my dream board, and dreamt of going there someday. 30 years later, I checked it off my bucket list.

Present: The Realization

Earlier this year, Jaimee and I decided to go on what we called “The Holy Land Adventure”! We wanted to explore the geography that is so richly steeped in history and faith. After floating in the Dead Sea and exploring Jerusalem (which was AMAZING), we added a couple of extra days to our trip to visit Petra, my childhood dream.

Even though I was young when the inspiration first hit, I was committed to making my vision a reality. I thought about it, talked about it, visualized it, prepared, then made it happen. I worked smart to create provision for my vision, and you can too. Whatever you want to pursue, you have the power to make it happen. 

For me, going on an epic adventure meant following Indiana Jones’ footsteps to fulfill a dream that I formed as a boy. But the term “epic adventure” can mean different things to different people. What it looks like in your life, on your dream board, is completely up to you. As long as you prepare to reach your goal, nothing is off-limits. 

Our trip to Israel and Jordan wasn’t only a checked bucket list item, it was also an opportunity to put things in perspective. When riding through the middle of the desert, we saw people whose families had been there for centuries and knew no other way of life. We realized we have the unique ability to get up and go. We’ve been granted many comforts and privileges that others do not attain, and it is our goal to pay it forward. Just like many of our past mission trips have, this trip helped open our eyes to ways we can support different communities and families all over the world.

Future: The Goal

I now pass the baton to you. I challenge you to cross borders and become a global citizen. I encourage you to figure out where you want to explore and create an action plan. Build an asset that offers you control of your time and money, then use the opportunity to see what this world is made of. Traveling more will not only expand your mind but will also help you realize how blessed you truly are. You’ve been granted opportunities that many people have not, so let travel serve as further motivation to succeed. After meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and witnessing different lifestyles, you have the chance to come home and continue to make your cup overflow with prosperity. And remember, in the wise words of Indiana Jones, “We do not follow maps to buried treasure.” Being a world traveler is bigger than the destination. It’s about accomplishing dreams, gaining experiences and finding the inspiration to help others do the same. 


  1. Gregory Rellaford

    Thank you David! Those are some amazing thoughts and you set a fantastic example of seeing the possibilities, setting goals, and getting it done. I can’t wait to go to Petra myself!

  2. Kristen Henderlong

    Thank you so much for writing this post, but even more so for accomplishing this incredible dream!! Your success makes our dreams that much closer to coming true as well. You don’t just talk the talk, you walk it AND teach us how to walk as well. Grateful!!

  3. Dusty & Tori Heller

    Thank you David and Jaimee!! You guys are such an inspiration to my family and me! We love and respect who you are and what you are doing!! Thank you!!

  4. Isaac and Amy Fineman

    What an inspiring blog! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your travel pictures are epic! Now I want to go watch Indiana Jones again. LOL!!

  5. Daniel Lawrnez

    Awesome….so happy for you guys to get to realize a dream….our turn next!

  6. Kurt & Kristin Lyon

    Thank you for sharing David. I am sure it was an absolutely breathtaking trip. But as you have taught us by your example, you can have a lifetime of adventure and journey’s if we are willing to dream it and put in the work to achieve it. Thanks for the both of you.

    • Amy Hasegawa

      Brilliant story about your trip to the Holy Land, I enjoyed reading it!

  7. Beth Rittenhouse

    Thank you guys for setting such an incredible example and sharing your story! I feel so blessed having the opportunity to learn and listen from you guys on a daily basis!

  8. Nick Rodriguez

    Thanks for sharing your secrets of success with us!!!!

  9. Doug Storey

    We loved this blog! You have great insight and wisdom and you lead by example.
    Love you both very much.

  10. Suzie Jardine

    Thank you for your continued wisdom. It all helps each of us to have a vision and do what it takes to get there!

  11. Paul & Barbie Miller

    THANK You, David & Jaimee Felber, for painting the dream and helping us to open our minds to dreaming bigger with the proper motives!! So appreciate all you do to help us expand our capacity in all aspects of life and to help us realize the much larger responsibilities we have on this earth to create awareness, kindness and love for and toward others both here and abroad.

  12. Adrienne Stokley

    We are ancient history nerds, can’t wait to take that trip! The ruins look so cool in pictures, I can only imagine what they are like in real life!

  13. Linda Tennies

    Loving this! Have a global perspective!

  14. Jenny Vesely

    When we open our mind to a global perspective it really stretches us to think OUTSIDE THE BOX to the POSSIBILITIES out there!


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