Insight on How Positive Words Can Lead to Positive Results

Nov 27, 2018 | Personal Development

Words >> Thoughts >> Actions >> Results

These days, it sometimes seems that unfavorable topics garner the most attention. Being constantly bombarded with the negative is unhealthy for both your mental health and confidence. If we speak positive words, we’ll see positive results. To the contrary, if we speak negatively, we’ll reap negative results. If you spend your day speaking negatively and dwelling on negativity, don’t expect to get positive results.

People often speak negatively about themselves, others and the situations they’re in. Matter of fact, it’s such a common occurrence that negativity regularly goes unnoticed. However, successful people don’t strive to be common or average, they desire excellence. We must make deliberate efforts to be positive and counter the culture we live in. It’s been said that good seeds produce good fruit and bad seeds produce rotten fruit. Try to see the words you use as seeds that you are planting. It’s said that words lead to thoughts, which lead to actions, which lead to results. So if you want positive results, it just makes sense to speak positively!

Helpful tips to get better results:

  1.  It first starts with using your words to not only uplift and encourage others, but also yourself. Instead of speaking struggle, speak victories over your circumstances. You’re either going to be a victim or a victor. In order to become victorious over your circumstances, you have to use winning words. 
  2.  Remove yourself from negative environments. Choosing to limit your time in negative environments, especially when that environment is your own mind, will help improve your mindset. Instead of thinking about what you can’t do and why things won’t work, think about what you can do and things will work. It’s a positive opposite. Tell your critical inner voice to be quiet. 
  3.  Sometimes people struggle with a lot of mental pollution from life challenges or past hurts. Please understand this simple formula: The solution to your mental pollution is dilution. Choose to let as much good into your mind as possible. That will help to dilute your negative thoughts. Positive input will really help lead you to positive results! 
  4.  Use affirmations to help yourself. You can even replace the word “affirmations” with “faith reminders” or “internal ads”. An affirmation is just a positive thought or saying that you speak over a personal struggle. Affirmations require repetition. If you want to erase longstanding, harmful beliefs you’ve had about yourself, it’s going to take persistence and consistency. Changing your thought pattern may not be easy, but it’s completely possible. Use your words as tools to build happy thoughts and good results. 
  5.  Consider an attitude adjustment. For some people, a good attitude doesn’t come automatically. Thankfully, anyone can learn to have a good attitude. There is no doubt that the tips listed above can help anyone live a more positive life and overcome a lot of life’s challenges. Having a good attitude towards personal growth and development will make all these tips even more impactful.  

The power of spoken word will change your life. You’re not meant to go through life with small dreams, low self-esteem and a defeated mindset. You can’t have a negative mouth and a positive life. Commit to changing the way you speak. As with all things, it becomes much easier the longer you do it; you have to use discipline. Call things as you want them to be. Name your future blessed. Name your future prosperous. Say, “the best is yet to come”! Believe your BEST days are in front of you.


  1. Dusty & Tori

    Love this! So very true. I’ve been on both sides of this and your attitude about life and how you speak about all the “stuff” that goes on can make or break you. Thanks David & Jaimee!

    • David Ramus

      My words my world! Thanks!

  2. Lori Felber

    Thank you!

  3. Gregory Rellaford

    Incredible!!! Thank you so much David and Jaimee!! This is such a straightforward and positive reminder of who we are and we we can be!

  4. Holley L Krogulski

    Tell your critical inner voice to be quiet. Love this. Thank you.

  5. Beth

    Thank you David and Jaime for posting this message. It is such a great reminder especially during this unique time of so many changes in our everyday world. I pray we can all be a positive light to those we meet.

  6. Adrienne Stokley

    Awesome message. Thanks much.

  7. Brian Mullin

    Thank you for this teaching. Also, Jaimee’s teaching about adding the words “. . . and that is exactly how I want it.” is a great way to put this into practice. What great wisdom!

  8. Daniel G Tennies

    So much truth here. What a great reminder of these times tested principles.

  9. Linda Tennies

    Oh so good! We can rewire or brains, per say, with the input we allow in to our minds and the words we say. Thank you for this teaching!

  10. Ryan and Alaine Jackson

    Positive words are SOOO important! You are who you listen to the most, so make sure you’ve got something good to say.

  11. Ryan and Alaine Jackson

    This is an awesome post! Positive thoughts and words lead to positive action. You are the person you hear most, so make sure it’s something worth hearing! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Kurt Lyon

    This so reminds me of your flashlight analogy. That we, for a season, need to be laser-focused on where and who we associate with makes sense. Radical change.


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