Learn the Right Moves

Oct 11, 2022 | Business Development

We all know that life can hit hard sometimes. Sometimes it feels like a fight that you just don’t know how to win. When fighting to overcome a challenge in life or in business we have found that learning the right “moves” (skills and habits) can protect you from getting hit and allow you to fight back and win! 

Do you remember the movie The Karate Kid? Not the new Netflix™ version, not the 2010 remake, but the original 1984 version. The main character, Daniel, was the new kid at school and was getting beat up by bullies. He asked a man named Mr. Miyagi to teach him Karate and Mr. Miyagi said “I promise to teach you Karate, that is my part. You promise to learn Karate, that is your part. I say do, you do. No Questions. Deal?” Daniel was desperate to learn so he said, “YES, deal!”

Mr. Miyagi told Daniel to get to work doing chores around his house like sanding the floor, waxing the cars, and painting the fence. Mr. Miyagi knew that these chores mimicked the basic movements of Karate. But to Daniel, who didn’t know a thing about Karate, he felt like his coach wasn’t actually teaching him. Daniel was about to quit when Mr. Miyagi showed him that every chore was actually training. He had done the motions of sanding the floors, waxing the cars, and painting the fence enough times that they became second nature. Daniel had learned the fundamentals of Karate without ever realizing it. Mr. Miyagi started throwing punches and kicks and the moves Daniel learned allowed him to block them all!  

Trust the Process

Maybe you can relate to Daniel’s experience? We definitely can. Our experience was very similar to his. We wanted to succeed but felt life was beating us up. We had successful people trying to teach us all the right moves to win the fight, but we just didn’t get it. We did understand, so we questioned everything. We wanted to be successful without learning the fundamental moves that would allow us to be successful. 

When our journey began as entrepreneurs we knew we needed to learn a lot of new “moves” if we wanted to succeed. So we pursued people that had the results that we wanted to achieve and asked them to please teach us and they agreed. We knew that their job was to teach and our job was to learn and do. They asked us to do many things that to us didn’t seem relevant to what we were trying to accomplish. Little did we know they were teaching us the basics of building a successful attitude, mindset, and skillset. Not only were they teaching us new moves, they were encouraging us to unlearn the wrong moves and wrong thinking. But, like many people, we were a bit hardheaded and continued to do things our way instead of the right way. That of course led to getting knocked down again and again. 

Trust Your Coach

Initially, we agreed to do everything our coach said. And although we did some things right, we didn’t do them with the right attitude and mindset. This held us back from understanding how to allow someone to coach us. The correction that we got sometimes felt like criticism even though it was always coming from a good place. So we found ourselves avoiding the coaching, which was a very bad decision. Without communication there cannot be correction and without correction, there cannot be change. It wasn’t until our attitude changed that we were open to correction. You see, the coaching didn’t change, our attitude changed.

After many months of taking the hits, we were ready to do things right. We got humble, hungry, and teachable and went back to our coach. We asked, “What do we need to do to succeed”? Our coach said, “Remember everything I’ve been telling you to do? Do it and do it right!” We agreed and, this time, we did the work the way our coach explained it to us. We took the coaching and correction with a grateful mindset. We desired to be corrected and fine-tuned. And guess what happened? We started to WIN! We learned how to block the punches that life and business were throwing at us and we learned to fight back against our “bullies” (negative people, negative attitude, and negative habits).

Learn – Fight – Win

Trusting the process and trusting our coaches allowed us to learn the right moves. Combining the right moves on a daily basis, with a positive attitude and willingness to work hard allowed us to beat our bullies and accomplish our goals. So remember to be grateful for coaching and correction. Your coach’s job is to teach. Your part is to learn the right moves and put them to work.


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