How To Overcome Your Excuses For Giving Up

Jul 17, 2017 | Business Development

We all know how easy it is to talk ourselves out of plans that seem a little too risky, a bit too scary, or maybe just downright impossible. Instead of pushing through the moments when we feel lost confused, and discouraged, it’s easier to convince ourselves that we had our sights set a little too high to begin with. So we give up and walk away before we even get our hands dirty. Internal monologues like these are dangerous to your overall success, but they can also be powerful. It can be hard to overcome your excuses for giving up, but follow these tips to turn the excuses you make for yourself into thoughts to propel you forward.

How to overcome your excuses for giving up

Excuse #1: I don’t have enough time

This excuse is hands down the easiest one to talk yourself out of chasing your dreams right away. For some reason, our greatest goals are the first things to take a backseat when life gets too busy or other things get in the way. But successful people never spend time doing things that take their energy, focus, or motivation away from their long-term goals. So if you find yourself thinking that this isn’t the right time, remember that no time will ever feel like the right time because there are always going to be other things that need to get done. Let your dreams take priority because if not now, when?

Excuse #2: This is way too risky

The mere act of waking up each morning, getting out of bed, and taking on the day is a risk in itself. But you don’t let yourself stay in bed every day just because you’re afraid of what the day will bring – although sometimes you may wish you could. Bring this same mentality to your work. Never give up because it seems too risky. Those who achieve the most success are aware of the risks that exist, but chose to overcome them in order to reach their goals.

Excuse #3: My goals are too big

Your dreams should be so big that they scare you. But you shouldn’t let this thought become your excuse to stop working towards them. There truly is no such thing as a dream that’s too big. Split your long-term vision into smaller, short-term achievements. In doing so, you’ll feel much more capable of chasing your dreams, you’ll feel accomplished rather than discouraged, and each smaller goal will get you one step closer to your long-term goal. 



  1. Ryan Acosta

    Today I learned I need to change not because I want to, but because there is nothing more important than my dreams. I have used all of these excuses in the last two hour. I know that this will take work and will not be easy but my dreams can’t wait until I stumble across them.

  2. Chas L

    What an insightful, empowering article. Thank you, Felbers, for sowing seeds of greatness into so many people!

  3. Linda Tennies

    So, so, do true. Overcoming these daily is the key for me!

  4. Dusty & Tori Heller

    Heard them all…used them all, but at the end of the day I had to ask: is my job going to get my family and me the lifestyle we’re after? Definitely not (in our case)! Thanks David and Jaimee, you are true examples of excuse eliminators!

  5. Ann Parker

    In It To Win It. In It And Winning!

  6. Ann Parker

    Thank you for your great insight into “our excuses”. If not this business then WHAT!
    In It to Win It!


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