Overcoming, Breaking Through, and Reaching Your Potential

Jan 22, 2019 | Personal Development

If you are reading this, that means you made it through another year of life. Wow, what a blessing! Many of us look forward to setting goals to help us improve upon last year’s accomplishments. But in order to move forward, we must first reflect on the past. A year of life can be a great teacher: good lessons, hard lessons and some bad lessons learned. It is so important to think about what you learned over the last 12 months of your life. Below are a few things to think about that have helped us over the years to make sure we are making each year better than the last.

What Should I Bring with Me?

The first step is to ruminate on the positive. Ask yourself what you learned in the previous year. Dwell on the things you are most grateful for. Think about what you are fighting for and pinpoint the good things you’d like to carry into the new year. Remember, positivity begets more positivity. Consider what you can build on. What do you want more of? Dream without limits. More financial success. More peace of mind. More wellbeing. More quality family time. More responsibility. No matter what your more is, it’s achievable through proper planning, intentional action steps and unwavering follow through. Root yourself in understanding and know that a life of abundance is a life worth living and you have the potential to see it through.

What Should I Leave Behind?

The next step is to isolate the parts of last year that need to be left behind. Life is composed of highs and lows, both of which result in various emotions and memories. While it’s beneficial to treasure the positive, it’s equally important to be disciplined about eliminating the negative.

Gather any painful conversations, traumatic experiences and harbored resentment and make the decision to let go of the baggage they bring. Holding on to bitterness and resentment toward a person or situation is like drinking poison and wanting someone or something else to get sick. Understand that bitterness is hazardous for your mind and heart. In order to be well, you must forgive, forget and let go. If you have faith in your life, instead of allowing the resentment to eat you up inside, pray for help in replacing all the bad feelings and thoughts with grace and love.

If You Want to Move Forward, Stay Forward Focused

The final step is to remain forward thinking. The objective of sifting through your year to separate the good from bad is ultimately to build toward bigger and better. The exercise of reflection helps you determine which thoughts and behaviors are worth repeating. Those repeated actions then become habits and the health of your habits determine the height of your potential. Because we believe in health in all areas of life (physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relational and business), we know that positive habits contribute to the well being of the whole. Therefore, it’s vital you keep the exciting possibilities of the future on your mind and make the necessary changes to reach your goals.

The conclusion of a year of life is a great time to pause and reflect. New year, new beginnings is a popular adage that we all can stand behind, but remember that you don’t need to wait for the emergence of a new year to have a fresh beginning. As reflective people, we are constantly analyzing life and drawing lines in the concrete (concrete being more permanent than sand that can easily be washed away). When we step over those lines we are free to move forward unburdened and unafraid. Whether it be January, June or December, it’s never too late to enact change. As you go, continually set clear goals in the areas you’d like to improve and follow through with determination and focus. Make it a great year. We believe in you!


  1. Gregory Rellaford

    This is such a great thought! Leave the resentments and hard feelings of the past behind is something I can work on! Moving forward with positivity is life-changing!

    • Susel Ramos

      Thank you for the words of wisdom! Love and appreciate your perspective on life David and Jaimee <3

  2. Alaine Jackson

    Awesome blog post! Thank you for taking the time to put these together! Such a wonderful resource!

  3. Kurt

    Thank you! This is a great post with some good guidelines to point us forward into 2019 and beyond. Knowing what to take forward and what to leave behind….Brilliant.

    • Drew

      Brilliant!!! And thank you for the direction for our lives!

  4. Christian & Lindsay

    Such a great read— thank you for the pointers in specific areas to intentionally reflect on so that we can move confidently in the directions of our dreams and goals!!! Onward and upward with a great framework to build our action plan with for an amazing 2019 & beyond, thank you!

  5. Nandagopal Harikrishnan

    Thank you so much David & Jaimee. It really helped me understand the right way to start the year and the mindset I should have. 2019 is the year for all of us to rise up!

  6. Barbie

    Wisdom welcomed and being implemented! Thank you for creating more tools to help us all grow in all aspects of life!

  7. Fay Nakaguchi

    Thank you, David and Jaimee! Fits with Switch on Your Brain. Resentment is some toxic thoughts that are going away this year! I feel empowered to change my life. As the Bible says renew your mind, and better than new will be my mind because I have added positivity. Looking forward to a fabulous 2019 to build a great foundation for the future! Thank you!

  8. Tyler K.

    Thank you so much David and Jaime! These are some great pointers that will light the path to success that we’re forging in 2019, and keep us on track! You guys are the best!

  9. Linda Tennies

    This is good. I just set new goals in an area today then read this blog. A confirmation that it’s never to late to make changes!


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