Planting Seeds of SUCCESS

Personal Development

Put simply, personal development is when a person works on developing a better attitude, mindset, and/or skillset. A person might do this for a number of reasons, including to: create more purpose, try to be their best, become more emotionally stable, build financial success, or to make their aspirations and dreams come true. Whatever the reason you want to improve yourself, the Felbers say go for it!

 Of course, if you want to be your best, it’s important to be willing to change, grow, and put in some effort. We have found that if you are humble, hungry, and teachable, you will progress with ease. For example, if you want to get in shape or build strength, moving your body is imperative—unfortunately, no one gains muscle or strength sitting on the couch. You can try to motivate yourself and do it alone, but that can be extremely challenging. Or, you could show that you are humble, hungry, and teachable and ask a professional for some advice and help. If you have a personal trainer by your side helping you stay motivated and on track, it’s much easier to accomplish your goals.

The Felbers are so grateful to have found an environment with all the necessary equipment and personal training to help grow in their attitude, mindset, and skillset so they could learn how to WIN in their life and business!

Becoming successful is about growing and developing in all areas of your life. The Felbers believe that it’s important to identify what is important to you and root yourself in those values. For David and Jaimee, the things that are most important are their Family, Faith, Impact and Adventure, and last but never least, Making a Difference for others.

David and Jaimee Felber view the people they conduct business with not as colleagues, but friends. Even more than friends, they see them as a big family. Life can be messy, and knowing that you have people you can trust and have your best interests in mind makes all the difference in the world.

They have never seen coaching as asking for permission but instead seeking perspective.

 They believe the key to building a good relationship is to first have an attitude of gratitude and understand that it is a big deal that someone with solid life experience and great results in life is willing to take their time to help you move forward.

 They have also found that being transparent, honest, and humble helps in any relationship (business or personal!). They relate coaching to a GPS. A GPS can only give you directions if it knows where you’re at, and where you want to go. As such, outside perspective from a coach or guidance from someone you trust can only give you direction if they know where you really are in life and know where you really want to be.

Bumps in the road are inevitable in life, but with your goals at the forefront and support around to walk your journey with you, the bumps are noticed sooner and hopefully, you learn to avoid them all together. Identifying your personal stumbling blocks and turning them into stepping stones is what it’s all about!

The Felbers feel extremely fortunate to be where they are today, and are always striving to help everyone, regardless of their background, to become their best!

David and Jaimee consider it an honor to be able to work with so many incredible people and feel a great responsibility to make a positive impact on everyone they have the privilege to work with. It’s one of their greatest joys in life to serve people looking to thrive in all areas of their lives.