Global Development & Philanthropy

The Felber family loves to travel the world. In business, they have been part of dozens of new markets opening in countries around the world and do business around the world to this day. The sun never sets on the businesses that they have helped develop. They feel so blessed to have so many friends and business partners around the world!

When they’re not busy pursuing exciting new business ventures in foreign countries, the Felbers take an active role in global development in another sense. The Felber family is greatly committed to global philanthropic work. They thank God that they’ve led such blessed lives, and they’ve decided, therefore, to devote their considerable time and resources to giving back in several meaningful ways.

The asset that the Felber family has created, has allowed them to give their time and money to missions and causes that they believe in. Over the past decade, they have been busy working with mission organizations to provide resources that help make a positive impact.

They have recently been working with a mission organization in Africa to dig water wells in villages that have no water source. The people in those villages would previously have had to walk for miles with water containers to be able to get to the nearest source of water and bring it back for their families. They feel so blessed to be able to help organize and support projects like this. Their work isn’t strictly limited to Africa. They’ve also been heavily involved with a relief organization in Cambodia and many other life-changing missions and projects around the world. Many of the projects they are most excited about are right here in North America.

The Felbers have so much respect for the people that are serving to make the world a better place. They hope that everyone has a chance to travel the world and see how most people live, which will help put in perspective how blessed we all are to be able to pursue success and excellence in our lives. Not everyone has an opportunity to improve their life, but you do!

Global Development