Lifestyle Development & Adventure

For David and Jaimee Felber, having an awesome lifestyle is all about having lots of choices.

They have found that most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do planning their life. They love helping people identify and clarify the life they want to live and then help them create the control of time and money needed to live the life they imagine!

David and Jaimee love traveling the world and having adventures with their family. They live an active life and spend as much time outside as possible. They started off living in the mountains, which gave them a love for all that the mountains have to offer.

After living in the mountains, they moved to a beautiful island which gave them a love for the ocean, water sports, activities and just enjoying sunny days on the beach.

Some of their most memorable adventures come from traveling around the world to places like Costa Rica, China, Belize, Mexico, India, Russia, Europe and the Amazon River in South America, just to name a few.

They just don’t know how they would be able to travel the way they do if they were stuck with the “lack of time and money” that the traditional job world offered them. They thank God for the doors that opened for them in business. They know that it’s hard to truly be free, you you’re not financially free.

Handstands Around the World

Any time you visit a new place, it’s incredible and the memories last a lifetime


Lifestyle Development