Step on the Gas and Shift Gears

When on the highway to success, we all are on a different road. If you’re getting something started, no one’s gone before you, or you’re one of a kind, your highway may start as a dirt road – rocky, uncharted and still under construction. But for most of us, that’s not the case. We didn’t invent an industry or patent a completely new idea – we are stepping into a career, a system or a business partnership that is already developed. Simply put, our highway to success was paved by the pioneers who came before us.  

So if we aren’t the construction workers building the hypothetical highway to success, what are we? We are the vehicles. It’s true that some of us may feel like a rusted-out, 1989 Ford Taurus station wagon, with a blown-out left tire and our highway to success is a 4-wheel-drive trail up the side of a steep mountain. And that’s ok. But despite your current mindset and attitude, the reality is, you are a high-performance supercar. You’re a McLaren 720S, a Lamborghini Huracán Evo, a Bugatti Chiron (take your pick). Imagine in your mind that you have unlimited horsepower just waiting for you under the hood, yet to be unleashed. 

Even though you are that amazing supercar that was created for greatness, you may not be performing at your full potential. You might even feel stuck in park. When on the highway to success, so close to your dreams and goals, you still must take the proper actions to reach your destination. You’ve watched other people travel down the same road, learn how to shift gears and gain momentum and reach success. So you know if you mimic their steps, you’ll get the same results, but what do you have to do?

You have to step on the gas and SHIFT GEARS! 

See, the issue is not the road, nor the vehicle… you’re stuck in first gear! You must have the guts to hit the gas. Sure it might be a little scary, but you still need to do it. There’s only one way to get out of first gear, and that’s by stepping on the gas and shifting into second. 

By putting your foot on the pedal, you’re providing power to the engine. With an increase of power, the engine screams at you to shift. As soon as you do, the RPM drops, and the higher gear brings stability back to the whole vehicle. Because you dropped the RPM, you can put the pedal to the metal again and continue to shift to a higher gear. This process continues allowing you to increase speed until you hit the top gear which allows you to reach your potential. So, as scary as it is to shift out of first, you have to have faith in where you’re going and put some power behind your dreams if you plan to speed toward success.

But what makes all of this come together much better? Your GPS. A normal GPS (Global Positioning System) helps you get from point A to point B. However, in this scenario, GPS stands for Goal Pushing Sidekick. Your GPS is your coach, your mentor, the person who helps you navigate the rough terrain. Not only can your GPS tell you about the roadblocks that are coming and the traffic jams on the road to success, but they can also advise you when you need to exit and when to get back on to avoid the slowdowns. They’ve already traveled this road. They know where the speed bumps are, they know where the stop signs are. Whether you feel your road is smooth or not, if you use your GPS, you can avoid danger. Your mentor/GPS has a unique perspective you don’t yet have, so rely on their expertise to guide you in the right direction.

So what does all of this mean?

No matter how you feel about yourself, just know that we believe in you and in your ability to do amazing things for yourself and for others! We know you are an incredible vehicle that has the power to accomplish your dreams and goals. So put the pedal to the metal and shift gears.


Step on the Gas and Shift Gears


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  • Alaine Jackson - October 8, 2019 reply

    Yes!!!! My Goal Pushing Sidekicks! Love you big time. Thanks for always having a great word for us.

    Nick Rodriguez - October 8, 2019 reply

    I Love this Blog!!!! So much Gold right?!!!

  • Nick Rodriguez - October 8, 2019 reply

    Putting the Pedal to the Metal now!!!!

  • Stephen Moore - October 8, 2019 reply

    Awesome TRUTH!

  • Kyli Hanson - October 8, 2019 reply

    Channeling my inner Bugatti! Thanks for the great advice David & Jaimee. We can definitely identify with this.

  • Sebastian Condensa - October 9, 2019 reply

    What an awesome post!! So true!! Thanks for all you guys do!

  • Linda Tennies - October 9, 2019 reply

    This is so true and on point! Thanks for the pushes, Coach!

  • Adrienne Stokley - October 17, 2019 reply

    Love it. And it seems like I feel like I am maxed out, but I HAVE to find another gear. .. and so I do. Great to hear that there are more gears to go! Clutch in…. and….. shift!

  • Ann Parker - January 30, 2020 reply

    I drive a stick shift so this makes so much sense! Thanks for pushing!!

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