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Mar 15, 2020 | Lifestyle Development, Personal Development

Over time, stress, anxiety and small annoyances can build up and reduce your overall quality of life. When these factors become overwhelming, they can cause a lot of overthinking that can rob you of your joy. However, this doesn’t have to continue. We’ve talked about the RESET button before, but the STOP button is equally as powerful. You have the ability to stop negativity in its tracks. Here are a few helpful ways to minimize your worries and start living your best life!

1.   Eliminate Stress

·Learn to Say No:  Avoid things that make your life harder. Learn to say no to things that are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. Start turning down invitations to energy-draining scenarios and negative conversations that may harm your mental peace. If you find yourself getting stressed, simply take control and hit the STOP button. Get in the habit of prioritizing your peace, prosperity, and emotional stability and your stress will melt away. Remember that you may not be able to control the stressful situation in the moment, but you are ultimately in control of how you respond to it. You are in control.

·Write It Down: You can also lower your stress levels by expressing your thoughts in a safe space. Instead of keeping your feelings bottled up, write them down. The simple act of transferring stressful thoughts to paper helps many people feel a sense of relief. After taking a moment to clear your mind, you’ll have more headspace available for the positive things.

2. Lower Your Anxiety

·Take Action: Anxiety is a symptom of fear. But fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear exists only in our minds, and if you created it, you can destroy it. The best weapon to destroy fear is ACTION. Instead of spending time feeding your fear and anxiety, devote your attention to overcoming it. Make a list of each best case scenario, and write down actionable steps that can get you there. Afterward, put your plan in motion and leave your anxieties behind.  

·Stay Busy: One side effect of anxiety is overthinking, and overthinking tends to happen if you don’t stay busy. If you catch yourself falling into this harmful cycle, press the STOP button and channel your energy toward something more productive. Spend time with optimistic people, read an inspiring book, or go work out. The more you interrupt your negative thoughts with positive alternatives, the better you can crush your overthinking.  

3. Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

·Temporal Distancing: Ethan Kross, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, suggests we put space between ourselves and our source of stress. To do this, you must imagine yourself in the future. Think about how great you will feel a year, or even five years, from today. Is your present problem just as relevant? Or does it seem small? Stepping outside of your current stress, to imagine a more fruitful and happy future, can help put things in context.

·Be A Minimizer: We all know that getting overly upset during tough times, only makes situations harder. Do your best to turn big things into small things and turn small things into nothing. Try your best to remember all the things you are grateful for, especially when times are tough. With the right attitude you can overcome any challenge.

Don’t operate in a spirit of fear. Don’t let stress control you. And don’t allow small things to become big things. Remember that the STOP button is always in your pocket, and you have the power to fight back. Once you learn to control your responses to fear, stress, and anxiety, life will get easier.

We hope the tips and perspective shared will help bring you peace and blessings! 


  1. The Jacksons

    This is awesome. Definitely worth sharing with the team! Thank you so much for your well-thought-out blogs, they help so much!

  2. Fay Nakaguchi

    Can’t leave a comment in Workplace at this post. It kicks me out – sometimes out of Workplace or post.
    Thank you for this info, David an# Jaimee!

  3. Julie Beck

    Yes! Temporal Distancing is getting me through the “job” until I can break free! ❤️

  4. Mark Cooper

    Very useful information! Thank you David and Jaimee.

    • Jenny Vesely

      This article is so relevant. Loves these: *Make a list of each best case scenario, and write down actionable steps that can get you there. 
      *interrupt your negative thoughts with positive alternatives, 
      *Put space between ourselves and our source of stress.

  5. Kevin Lang

    I am so blessed to have access to this simple and applicable way of receiving Peace that surpasses understanding:) I am so grateful that love is not earned. Thank you for sharing; my dream is to share too:)

  6. Ann Parker

    Great information ….One day at a time knowing that “this too shall pass” and being grateful and focusing on our blessings!! Thank you David and Jaimee

  7. Brice Ebert

    This valuable wisdom will never expire! Thank you for taking the time to share. You are a blessing to ALL!

  8. Linda Tennies

    This is so spot on. Thank you! Even during this difficult time we are dealing with regarding the COVID-19 virus, we can implement these strategies in every area of our life, right now, today!

  9. Debbie Moore

    Thank you, David & Jaimee, for these excellent suggestions that can be applied right away in so many areas & circumstances❣️❣️❣️

  10. The Vesely's

    These are incredible nuggets. It’s time to stop worrying & start living. Knowledge + Action = Results

  11. Doug Storey

    “Don’t operate in a spirit of fear.” This whole message is so powerful!


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